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Touring the city allows you to see the architecture and learn about the cultures, but you also gain a deep understanding of the historical foundation of the ethnic diversity that makes Mombasa one of the most sort after destinations in Africa, such as how Afro-Asians and Afro-Arabs including the Swahilis have been living on the coast of East Africa for more than 500 years. Stops on the trip include Fort Jesus and Haller Park.

First stop :-  Fort Jesus, which was built in 1593 and designed by an Italian architect and engineer named Giovanni Battista Cairati. Originally was used by the Portuguese, the imposing structure rests upon a coral ridge at the entrance of the old town harbor, and its strategic location has resulted in many battles for its control. The site has also been used as soldier barracks and a prison before being obtained by the Trustees of the Kenya National Museum in 1958, and the on-site museum was opened in 1962.

After the fort, second stop  leads you into alleys of Old Town, the original Mombasa city that was built in the 13th century and still maintains many significant architectural features of the time, such as filigree timber balconies, beautifully carved wooden doors, Indian and colonial designs and more than 20 mosques, and in 1985, the area received protected status as a conservation project to preserve the historically significant buildings.

Third stop:- Haller Park Bamburi. Originally called The Bamburi Nature Trail, but has recently been renamed Haller Park in honor of Dr. Rene Haller in recognition for his work made in conjunction with Bamburi Portland Cement Company for transforming their abandoned quarry into the ecological wilderness it is today.

This marked the start of Haller Park began by the development of the forest area and roads and pathways used by the employees working on the propagation of trees, fish ponds and the wildlife sanctuary.


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