Watamu Dolphins

Dolphins at Watamu Marine Park

Watamu Dolphins Tour and Excursion

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The Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves is located near the pristine white sandy beaches and reef-protected lagoons. This is a reknown park that boasts of  rich marine life. The park is home to three species of dolphin that you can see in Watamu; the Indo Pacific Bottlenose dolphin, the Rare Indo Pacific Humpback dolphin and the off shore acrobats, the Spinner dolphins. There are also three species of sea turtle who nest on the Marine Park beaches. Some of the more commonly seen fish are the parrot fish, Angelfish, groupers, file fish, lion fish and snappers. You will also find lion and crocodile fish if you look closely.


9:00 AM: We arrive at the Kenya Wildlife Services offices at Watamu. We pay our park fees, board the motor boat and head towards the reef in search of the dolphins.

10:0 AM: After a beautiful experience of dolphin exploration, we head straight to the Marine Park where you will be equipped with snorkeling gear that will be provided on board. There are hundreds of beautiful coral reef fish here which leave you awestruck and dazzled by their vibrant colors.

1:00 PM: On arrival at Sudi Island, you will receive a warm welcome from the Mida Creek Community as the captain and his crew are quick on their feet to start preparing for your mouthwatering meal that is mainly comprised of sea food; grilled king fish/red or white snapper/barracuda, lobster, shrimps accompanied with rice and some tomato soup. Chicken is available for those who do not eat seafood.

Seafood Grill


Some of the activities provided at the island are a canoe ride into the mangrove forest with a guide where you will get to learn about the island and the creatures found there at a small fee and swimming on the island shores.

4:30 PM: We depart for the mainland where you will head back to your respective destinations

What is included?

  • Dolphin Tour & Snorkeling at Watamu Marine Park
  • Lunch – 3 course seafood will be provided (option of chicken for those who don’t eat seafood)
  • A bottle of soda and water will be provided to each person
  • Snorkeling gear

What is not included?

  • Transport To Watamu, Turtlebay Beach.
  • Marine Park fees


  • Adults  Ksh 5000/ USD 50
  • Child (12-18 yrs) Ksh 4500/USD 45
  • Child (4-11 yrs) Ksh 3000/USD 30

Marine Park Fees


  • Citizens Ksh 130
  • Residents Ksh 300
  • Non Residents USD 17


  • Citizens Ksh 125
  • Residents Ksh 170
  • Non Residents USD 13


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